Desk Mount WiFi LCD Starter Pack PRO

Part Number: SW900-STARTER-D-PRO

$989.00 NZD


A complete starter pack to get you up and running with the Desk Mount WiFi LCD Keypad version of the Smart Water system. The professional version of the kit contains one complete tank sender and a Wireless Pump Controller. Featuring full mobile connectivity via our free Smart Water app along with the convenience of a stylish desktop WiFi LCD makes this the perfect tank monitoring and water management solution. Intuitive design makes the starter pack a simple DIY installation aided by our detailed guides and support material.

This kit includes a desk mount WiFi LCD keypad, solar-powered tank sender, 230VAC wireless pump controller, 4M (13ft) pressure sensor, antenna, power supplies, and mounting accessories.

  • Desk Mount WiFi LCD Keypad with 2.8" IPS full colour touchscreen
  • Solar powered Tank Level Sender with powerful Lithium-ion battery
  • 4M Stainless Steel precision pressure sensor, SS316, ruggedised and vented polyethylene cable
  • 230VAC Wireless Pump Controller, 6370VA switching power :
  • Powerful LoRa wireless technology offering range of up to 10km
  • Full set of accessories included in the kit for easy DIY installation
  • Marine grade UV resistant materials used throughout