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Tank Senders for the SW800

The SW800 Smart Water System has the ability to incorporate up to 9 water tanks in one system configuration. This is fantastic for those that want to grow their existing system without the need to fully replace it. You’ll be able to do this using either of our Tank Level Sender Kits.

Quality build for all conditions

Our tank senders for the SW800 system were built with weather conditions in mind. Quality materials were used within these components to mitigate the impact caused by continual exposure to the elements. Such features include a marine grade UV resistant ASA plastic construction, a gold plated SMA female antenna connector and a fully sealed IP68+ weatherproof robust design.

Expanding your system with confidence

You’ll have no concerns about expanding your existing SW800 Smart Water system using our Tank Sender Kits. Whether it’s the Complete Kit that’s required (including sensor and power supply) or the Limited Kit - you’ll be able to add to your water tank level system with confidence and ease.