Additional Solar Panels

If your Tank Sender is in a position where there is reduced access, or no access to light, and connecting to mains power is not an option, then an additional solar panel could be what you need. These high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar panels are of the highest quality and can be plugged directly into your Tank Sender to keep it fully charged.   

Solar Panel Mounting

The Smart Water solar panels come with a convenient mounting system allowing for both wall, ground, or surface mounting. The frame is made from marine-grade aluminium and will survive the test of time. Simply mount the solar panel in a location where there is access to sunlight, set the correct angle with the adjustable bracket, and plug then plug the DC connector into your Tank Sender. 

High Performance

The solar panels come in two power output options, 20W and 40W. This means that even in very low light conditions, you will be able to harvest enough solar energy to power your tank sender. This can be especially useful for underground tanks, and tanks that are positioned in dense bush. The aluminium frame will not corrode, and the kit is constructed using stainless steel hardware.