I operate a small winery a bit west of Melbourne - just two hectares. We irrigate from a 50kl poly tank. The tank is fed from a dam; which is about 400 metres away. We installed our Smart Water tank level system about five years ago. It was an easy, trouble-free installation. The system has never missed a beat. We were filling the tank using a petrol pump at the dam - so we needed to have instantaneous tank level data to avoid overflowing the tank on filling, or running the pumps dry when irrigating.

Last year we installed a solar powered pump at the dam to replace the petrol pump. We also installed a Smart Water Pump Controller, linked to the tank level system, to keep the tank on constant fill. The pump control application wasn't exactly how the controller was designed to be used; but the technical team at Smart Water provided invaluable support in the set up.

The system works perfectly and saves enormous amounts of effort in managing irrigation water inventories. The team at Smart Water were amazing - great product, great service.

Martin Webb - Camerons Estate Wines

Darley, Victoria

Dear Smart Water, we just wanted to tell you that the system was perfectly easy to install and started working right away. Easier than updating my computer! Thanks a lot. Our minds rest easier now we can see exactly what is going on with the tanks and water.

Jude and Goran


I just wanted to let you know that your Smart Water solution has been a game changer for my family. We knew that it would be useful, but with the drought over both winter and summer last year, it enabled us to manage our water volumes very effectively. It was the first time in eight years that we didn't need to order in a tanker or two of additional water.

David Hallet, Bsc


The replacement antenna arrived today and everything is working again. I have made a donation to our local dog shelter in the name of Smartwater. Many thanks for your help and excellent customer service, believe me living in Spain it's a refreshing change! May I take this opportunity of wishing you, your family and company a happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.

Ian Carrington


I have been a customer of Smart Water for 5 years and in this time I have been most impressed with their product / customer service. I live in a rural location and rely on this technology, should I require the Smart Water team we can always get hold of them, on the very rare occasion this has extended over the weekend. Smart Water is a very professional company to deal with, they fully understand the importance of true customer service. I have always recommended Smart Water Systems in the past and will continue to do so.

Charlie Clark