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High Performance Tank Level Senders Kit

Our high performance tank level senders kits transmit water level data from additional tanks to your Smart Level WiFi LCD Keypad or WiFi Gateway, quickly and easily. It simplifies and brings precision to extensive and complex water management systems, giving you the ability to monitor, analyse and utilise your water resources proactively and efficiently. 

Meticulously designed for long term use

Tank level senders are often required in extreme environments and it is with this in mind that our transmitters have been designed. With UV resistant ASA plastic construction, our tank level senders are fully sealed and weatherproof to ensure integrity in adverse conditions. The high-quality monocrystalline solar panel allows for continuous use and long term performance while the high powered wireless technology has a transmission range of up to 10km.

Complete and Limited versions available 

We offer both a Complete and a Limited Tank Level Sender Kit, giving you flexibility for the setup required. The Complete Kit is a one-stop-shop with everything you need for a full installation including a sensor and power supply. The Limited Kit is for those that require only the transmitter, antenna and mounting accessories.