Tank Level Sender Kit

The core function of our range of high-performance tank level senders is to collect data from the pressure sensor and transmit this over the network to your WiFi LCD keypad or WiFi gateway. The tank sender is solar powered which means once installed it will self-power and be virtually maintenance-free. If your installation means that the tank sender has no access to sunlight, there is a convenient charging port that allows the tank sender to be continuously powered by a 12VDC power supply (provided in the kit).

Meticulously designed for long term use

We learned early on in the research and development phase that these tank-level senders are more often than not used in extreme environments. Every aspect of the design has been carefully thought through and engineered for long-term reliable operation. The shell of the tank sender is made from high UV resistance ASA plastic (as used in marine radome applications), the product is fully sealed and the internal electronics are "potted" in high-performance gel to ensure complete moisture protection. The state-of-the-art ETFE 12BB monocrystalline solar panel delivers huge punch from a very small surface area. This means that even in partially shaded conditions the solar panel is effective at keeping the Lithium battery fully charged. All of this is topped off with our proprietary LoRa communications network which has achieved ranges in excess of 25km during testing (line of sight).

"Complete" and "Limited" kit options are available 

Smart Water offers both "Complete" and "Limited" tank level sender kits. What does this mean? The complete kit comes with everything you need to add another tank to your system. Simply follow the instructions to connect your tank level sender to the network, and then install it on your tank. The Limited kit contains the tank level sender only, with no pressure sensor included however, an antenna, mounting kit, and power supply is provided.