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Wall Mount Starter Pack

If you’re looking for a solid solution for a water tank level monitoring system, then our Wall Mount Starter Pack is the one for you. It’s a one-stop-shop with all the essentials you need to set up the Smart Water System, enabling you to monitor your tank water levels, quickly and easily.

Simple DIY installation

The wall mount starter pack is designed to facilitate a simple DIY installation. With detailed guides and support materials, you’re able to get a state-of-the-art monitoring system up and running in no time. Everything about the system has been developed in an intuitive way for the everyday user, meaning you can get on with the important job of proactively planning your water resources, quickly and efficiently.

Full connectivity with wireless technology

Our Smart Water systems fully embrace the advantages of wireless technology bringing with them, incredible connectivity. This allows users to monitor their water tank levels remotely via the wall mount touchscreen LCD Keypad and the free Smart Water app. It offers the best in convenience and efficiency and the ability to check your water levels whenever and wherever you want.