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Water Tank Level Sensors

Our water tank level sensors are precisely engineered to operate at the core of your tank water management system. Accurate monitoring of your water tank levels is essential to ensuring your water resources are managed appropriately and effectively throughout the year. Our water tank level sensors are designed with this in mind offering reliable; performance, continuous use and longevity in a wide range of diverse environments.

Fantastic features that stand them apart

There’s no shortage of great features in our water tank level sensors that make them some of the best in the market. High-quality materials include marine grade SS316 stainless steel construction and a ruggedised polyethylene vented cable with both UV and weather resistance. The water-resistant IP67 locking 4-pin female connector provides further protection and the precision pressure sensing element performs at +/-0.1% for incredible accuracy.

Your needs and requirements covered

We currently have four different water tank level sensors to choose from at lengths of;4M and 10M as well as standard and high-pressure models - the latter with a pressure sensing range up to 1.0 bar (100kPa).This gives you the flexibility you need to match your specific setup and requirements.

See all our options below, compatible with the Smart Water range of tank level senders (both SW800 and SW900 series).