Product Categories

High Performance Antenna Extension Cables

High performance antenna extension cables are essential for the reliable operation of the Smart Water system. They connect the antenna to vital components within the system, ensuring overall integrity for signals sent and received.

Quality parts and materials

Smart Water’s extension cables are made from high quality parts and materials for sustained performance in challenging outdoor environments. This includes high performance KSR200 co-axial cables and gold and nickel plated connectors - excellent long life solutions. Cables are ordinarily susceptible to wear and tear but Smart Water’s cables are designed to go the distance against the extremities.

Extensions, adapters and splitters for complex setups

Smart Water systems often need to be configured in complex ways, in some cases, with up to 12 tanks connected. Our range of antenna extension cables come in a variety of lengths including 0.5M, 4M and 10M, giving you the ability to work around a variety of spaces. Our adapters and splitters give you even greater flexibility in especially challenging cabling situations.