SW800 Tank Level Sensors

Our range of water tank level sensors are highly engineered, precision instruments and form the core sensing element of the system. The engineering investment made in this part of the system offers our customers the reward of second to none accuracy and reliability. The research and development team at Smart Water have spent years perfecting this sensor and can now offer the market the ultimate solution for water tank monitoring.

High performance specifications

The internal electronics in the sensor are potted in resin that ensures no moisture penetration into this delicate instrument. The electronics are linked to an ultra-accurate piezoresistive sensing element, and then wrapped in the highest quality SS316 stainless steel housing. Ruggedised polyethylene vented cable is utilised offering both UV, weather and crush resistance. The vented cable is a critical part the design ensuring changing weather conditions do not affect the accuracy of the tank level measurements. With all of this technology combined we achieve accuracy of +/-0.1% on an ongoing and reliable basis.

Your needs and requirements covered

Currently there are four different water tank level sensors to choose from at lengths of 4M and 10M. There are options for both standard pressure (0.5bar/500kPa) and high-pressure (1.0bar/1000kPa) models. This gives the flexibility of measuring deeper tanks, or even different type of fluids with different specific gravities (SG). The Smart Water range of tank level senders are compatible with both the legacy SW800 series and the new SW900 series systems.