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Sensors for the SW800

Sensors are what give water tank level monitoring systems their accuracy and inherent value. This is absolutely true for the sensors in the Smart Water SW800 system. Designed and engineered with precision at its core, the pressure sensing element functions to a measure of +/-0.1%. It’s a standard that is hard to beat and the perfect solution for your water monitoring system when additional tanks are added.

Flexibility and strength

Sensors for the Smart Water SW800 System are available at both a standard and high pressure setting, the latter with a pressure sensing range up to 1.0 bar (100kPa). They also come in 4M and 10M options. The quality of our sensors is second to none, UV and weather resistant, they are made from marine grade SS316 stainless steel and ruggedised polyethylene vented cable.

Expanding your high quality system

With our Smart Water sensors, there’s nothing stopping you from expanding your tank water system while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of your monitoring. With flexible options and components that are made to last, they’ll enable you to more efficiently manage your tank water levels in accordance with your needs.