Water Tank Monitoring System Starter Pack Selection

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install, accurate and reliable wireless water tank management solution with mobile app connectivity, then our range of Smart Water Starter Packs are the place to start. The pack contains everything you need to install our water tank monitoring system, and get up and running in no time at all. Including a WiFi LCD keypad, stainless steel sensor, solar powered wireless tank sender and all the accessories required for a simple DIY installation. Just download the free app from the Apple or Android store and you will have your entire water system in the palm of your hands.

All components contained in the kit have been engineered to extremely high quality standards. As the leader in research and development of water tank monitoring systems, Smart Water ensures its products are designed for continual long term use against the most extreme environments. Marine grade UV resistant materials are used throughout and we back this up with a comprehenive 2 year warranty.

Smart Water is also proud to boast the latest wireless technology. Powerful LoRa wireless communications give the system the horsepower to overcome the most challenging installations. Line of sight ranges of up to 25km have been achieved in testing!