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High Performance Smart Water System Power Supply

The Smart Water System requires high performance power supply units to ensure operations are maintained continuously throughout the year. Our product range has been designed to meet such demands as a minimum requirement with a number of great features that allow them to do so.

Design and features for continuous use

Smart Water’s power supply products have been designed with functionality in mind, incorporating some great features for long term use. This is especially true for the Lithium-ion Active Repeater Battery which features an integrated electronics module for smart charging, a solar panel input charging wiring loom and over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and short circuit protection. Wall mounting plug designs and screw mounting flanges throughout the range facilitate easy installation.

Your Smart Water components covered

Smart Water has individual power supply products for all your vital components including the Tank Sender, High Power Wireless Active Repeater, WiFi Gateway, Desk Mount WiFi LCD Keypad and the Wall Mount LCD Keypad.