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Smart Water System SW800 Legacy Parts

While we have recently released our superb SW900 series system, we still have many satisfied customers using the SW800 series system, monitoring their water tank levels with excellent precision and proficiency as they were originally designed to do. Many of these customers have grown their businesses and, with that, have required expansions to their water tank monitoring systems.

Our SW800 Legacy Parts are for those existing customers of the SW800 series system, looking to expand their configurations in the easiest possible way. Included in these parts, you’ll find all the vital components required to manage this. Sensors (Standard and High Pressure), Tank Level Sender Kits (Complete and Limited), LCD Keypads (Desk Mount and Wall Mount) and Wireless Pump Controllers for those who want the added benefit of controlling their water pumps too.

As all customers of the SW800 series will attest, the system and parts have stood the test of time thanks to high quality materials and hardware and intuitive design.

While others often discontinue lines to force you to upgrade or replace entire systems, we keep your original investment working and continually delivering results.