Wireless Pump Controllers

The Smart Water Wireless Pump Controller is an essential component in the system if you want to remotely control water pumps. This can be acheived with remarkable precision allowing the user to set start and stop levels for multiple pump controllers connected to the network. This innovative product has allowed for industry-wide efficiency gains across a variety of diverse applications and environments.

An endless suite of options and settings

The Smart Water Pump Controller is extremely versatile, offering precision control to even the most complex of setups. We offer a huge range of options within the settings menu allowing users to set start/stop levels, set timers and choosing to pump from tank to tank or from bore to tank and so on. This effectively creates a pump control scenario which is fully customisable and is truly "set and forget". These settings can be easily managed via the WiFi LCD keypad or via the iOS or Android app.

Functionality at your fingertips

Up to 12 Smart Water pump controllers can be integrated into a single system, meaning you will always have the flexibility to add more functionality to your system if desired. A range of alerts are also provided ensuring you remain in full control of your system. Available in models rated at 12VDC, 12VDC CO (Change-Over) and 230VAC there is an option for every application.