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Pump Controllers

A reliable pump controller is essential for maintaining desired levels of water within a water management system. Smart Water Pump Controllers do this with remarkable precision whilst utilising wireless technology, allowing you to set and engage your pumps remotely. This innovation has allowed for industry-wide efficiency gains across a variety of diverse applications and environments.

An endless suite of options and settings

The Smart Water Pump Controller system is extremely versatile, bringing order and control to even the most complex setups. A huge range of options and settings are offered including “Set and Forget” functionality, automatic and manual options, customised start/stop levels and more. Wireless technology gives you the capacity to programme these functions via the WiFi LCD keypad, WiFi gateway or the free iOS/Android app.

Functionality at your fingertips

Whether it’s pumping from tank to tank, or from an infinite source such as a bore, your Smart Water Pump Controller will enable you to make adjustments, literally from another country if you wish. With up to 12 pump controllers integrated into a single system, you’ll have all your needs covered. Available in models rated at 12VDC, 12VDC CO (Change-Over) and 230VAC.