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Wireless Pump Controllers for the SW800

The Wireless Pump Controllers were a great feature of the SW800 Smart Water System, allowing users to control pumps from a remote location via their LCD Keypads. As is often the case, businesses and their tank water monitoring systems grow, requiring expansion beyond their original configuration. Additional Wireless Pump Controllers give you the opportunity to do exactly that.

The perfect accessory with powerful technology

Combined with the sophisticated software and precision of the SW800 system, Wireless Pump Controllers make the perfect accessory utilising its own powerful hardware. At the heart of this is powerful ISM wireless technology, offering a range of up to 5km. They are also built to last, weather resistant and IP65 rated, with a marine grade ABS construction enclosure.

Pump controllers with precision

If you’re expanding your SW800 Smart Water System, be sure to include our state-of-the-art pump controllers in your setup. It’ll give you the ability to control your water levels quickly and easily with amazing accuracy to improve overall efficiency.