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High Performance Antenna Products

High performance antennas are an integral part of any Smart Water system, responsible for transmitting and receiving clear signals between multiple wireless points. As such an important component of the system, the Smart Water Antenna range has been developed to continually function at optimal levels.

Different antennas for different jobs

Smart Water systems are used in a variety of configurations, settings and environments with a number of different antennas to suit different situations. Here you’ll find our standard 208mm vertical dipole antennas compatible with our Tank Sender Unit, Wireless Pump Controller and WiFi Gateway while the 350mm dipole antenna is made specifically for the High Power Wireless Active Repeater. You’ll also find high performance antenna products for long-range applications like the High Performance Yagi Antenna.

High performance and quality throughout

What’s consistent throughout is the performance and quality standards within the range featuring the best materials for simple installation, all-weather operation and continual use. We also offer a number of antenna accessories like adaptor connectors, splitters and cables for the flexibility you need to meet the requirements of your water tank monitoring system.