High Performance Antenna Products

High performance antenna are an integral part of any wireless communications sytem. The antenna carry the responsibility for transmitting and receiving data between multiple wireless access points. Being such a critical component of the system, the Smart Water antenna range has been specifically developed and tuned to offer optimum wireless performance. 

Different antennae for different jobs

Smart Water systems are used in a variety of configurations around the world, which ultimately means environmental settings and conditions vary greatly. Therefore we have developed a wide range of different antennae to suit these different applications. Within our range of accessories you will find everything from our standard 208mm vertical dipole, through to our more powerful 350mm vertical dipole and even our 1474mm wall mounting ultra high performance "Barracude" vertical dipole. Supplementing this range of omni-directional antennae are our range of yagi antenna where ultra long range uni-directional performance is required. 

High performance and quality throughout

What is consistent throughout our range of accesories is the performance and quality standards. The best materials are used in production whilst the thoughtful design ensures simple installation, all-weather operation and reliable operation. Smart Water also offers a number of antenna accessories such as adaptor connectors, splitters and different cables to give you the flexibility you need to meet all the requirements of your particular installation.