Wall Mount WiFi LCD Keypad Power Supply

Part Number: WALL-SMPS

$44.00 NZD


Switch mode power supply for use with the Wall Mount WiFi LCD Keypad, 100-240VAC input, +5VDC 1A output, wall mounting tabs, terminated to 3-pin connector. Suitable for use around the world with multi-voltage input. Installation of this power supply is recommended for qualified electricians only.

  • 5VDC 1A (5W) Switch mode power supply
  • 100VAC - 240VAC Rated voltage input range
  • 300mm (1ft) DC output cable with 3-pin locking connector
  • 300mm (1ft) AC input cable for direct termination to mains
  • Screw mounting flanges for ease of installation
  • For use with the Smart Water Wall Mount WiFi LCD Keypad