Wireless Pump Controller (12VDC CO)

Part Number: SW800-PUMP-C/O

$399.00 NZD


The Wireless Pump Controller is the perfect accessory if you want to control a pump using your SW800 Smart Water system. Pump start/stop levels can be set via the LCD Keypad in addition to a range of customised features. Fully automatic operation with endless possibilities through the suite of options and settings that are offered. This is a change-over version rated at 12VDC. Please note that this legacy product is not compatible with the new generation SW900 series tank level system.

  • Powerful ISM wireless technology offering range of up to 5km
  • Wall mounting enclosure with marine grade ABS construction
  • Weather resistant and IP65 rated
  • 12VDC Input "change-over" relay version
  • 12VDC 25A Resistive contact rating (6370VA switching power)
  • 208mm Dipole antenna with SMA connector
  • Gold plated SMA female antenna connector
  • Mounting kit included