26 February 2024

How much rainwater can you harvest from your roof?

We’ve written extensively about the benefits of harvesting rainwater from your roof but just how much water could you harvest each year at home?

Use our handy rainwater harvesting calculator below to work out how much rainwater you could potentially harvest each year. Whether you are thinking of installing a rainwater tank at home and need to know what size you will need, or you simply want to work out how much money you could save each year, our calculator will work out how many litres of water you could collect each year based on where you live in New Zealand and the size of your roof

Rainwater Harvesting Calculator

What size of water tank do I need?

Once you know how much water you can potentially harvest from your roof each year, you will have a much better idea of the size of tank you need. Of course, a lot of this will also depend on consumption. How many people you have at home? Do you need to water the garden in the summer months? Do you have more than one car at home that needs washing on a regular basis? All of these questions will help you to get a better idea of the size of tank you will need around the home.

For more information, make sure you check out our handy guide – What size water tank do I need?

Measuring the water in your tank

If you already have a water tank installed at your home or property, then you may want to have a better idea of how much water you have stored at any given time. This can help you to plan and manage your water consumption at home, especially if your water tank is your only supply of water to your property.

At Smart Water, we set out to help Kiwis to monitor their water consumption more accurately when using tank water. Our latest Smart Water SW9000 series system is a culmination of over 10 years of intensive research and innovative design.

Our award-winning products provide state-of-the-art monitoring systems that not only provide you with an accurate reading of the water level in your tank but also work intuitively for the everyday user, providing you with all the information you need about your water consumption on an easy-to-read display or through our app.

You can read a lot more about measuring the water in your tank in a recent blog post.

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If you want to accurately measure the level of water in your water tank, talk to the team today. With accurate water level readings, average water consumption data and accurate predictions about future usage, the Smart Water system will help you to manage your water tank levels all year round.